Hi-touch 631ps Photo Printer Driver

The idea is to mimic film by providing an inexpensive but write-once medium. No power brick is required. It also serves to monitor the progress of any firmware updates.

The company plans to outsource the project, we were told, but hadn't yet found a Mac programmer. The Setup menu on the controller does provide a limited calibration routine, mainly to align the paper to the print head.

No sense buying one of those adorable digicams, you'll never see a single picture. We do not offer Installation, Training or Technical Support on this product. We continue to improve and revolutionize our production process to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste discharges, while increasing efficiency. No need to move her images onto our computer first and print from some application she may not have used before. So we copied a few to a card and let the printer do what it would with them.

This is just a fun way to get prints. Hi-Touch said the prints compare to inkjets at dpi. The final prints were indistinguishable from higher resolution images.

There's also a separate program available on the Web site called Adjustor to adjust printing parameters and save the modifications as a driver default. Kits include dye-cut sticker paper for all the various sizes supported by the print driver as well as combinations of them. Included with the driver is Mirabella for making last minute tonal shifts directly from the print dialog box and Desiree, an image editor. As long as it's running under Windows.

These aren't your inkjet's dpi, though, because the density of each dot is variable somewhat like your monitor's pixels. Bend and tear the print along the two perforated short edges and you have borderless prints. Sticker Packs and Multiple image packs are available. No charge for development and free film, too. The Main Page displays a set of eight icons.

HiTi Paper 4 6 Photo Paper Pack (50) F/640PS/630PS/631PS

And for the odd print that could use some help, the simple built-in image editing see the Enhance command below is often enough to save the day. That bodes very well indeed for lower-resolution cameras. There are a number of kits available either directly from the company or through your camera dealer. Continue through the card. We have successfully reached different countries with our advanced photo printing solutions across the world to showcase our innovative power.

And it even provides access to some minor image editing capabilities. Prints can be either Gloss or Matt finish and this can be selected using the easy to use Photo Desiree software. Instead, you're stuck with all these files. It was, in a word, a snap.

Quick Photo simplifies printing a single image. These fellows at Hi-Touch Technology have invented a home drugstore printer that does not need a computer. This is still faster than a lot of Inkjet Photo Printers. These fellows at Hi-Touch Technology hiti photo printer ps invented a home drugstore printer that does not need a computer.

While previewing your images, you can press the Edit button. One of the more aggravating aspects of our old dye sub is how hard it is to insert a ribbon. Not to mention the difficulty of aligning the paper to the feed slot without touching the sensitive surface. The controller's job is to tell the processor built into the printer what you want to do. The only catch to this convenience is that there's no equivalent of those drugstore negatives for reprints.

Once you erase your images from the card, you've only got the prints. What is the cost per print? This is still faster than a hiti photo printer ps of Inkjet Photo Printers. The power cord is simply that. Some Surprises Conclusion.

When connected, users can both print out files from the computer hard drive, and can also transfer files from the memory cards to the computer for storage or further editing. In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating. But we managed to figure it out. Otherwise use the Photo command to select what you want.

Finished prints stacked up neatly on top of the cassette. The color itself was accurate. You can trim about four at a time. This is, simply, the best solution we've found for computerless digital photography that gives you everything you could get from your drugstore. Call or email us to check stock before placing your order.

Technology Innovation

Dye sub printing uses a heating element to heat dye impregnated in a ribbon to over degrees, duw1608 arr driver at which point it turns into a gas and migrates into the surface of the specially coated photo paper. February The trouble with getting into digital photography has always been getting prints.

Hi-Ti Photo Printer Driver 2.1.0 Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3


Finished photp stacked up neatly on top of the cassette. Which can excite even people with computers. In general we were delighted with unedited images printed straight from the card. Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper.

Digital Imaging Printer Review HiTi PS Photo Printer

When you've finished, press Print to batch print the set. This software can be downloaded here for you to try before purchase if required. No more dropping the old roll of film off at the drugstore and picking up your prints later.

For standalone operation, the size of your image matters, too. With gigabytes of storage, they're something of an iPod for your photo collection. Unless you're in a dust-free environment, that can be a problem. Its air-conditioner grill may even be a calming influence.

We are approved by Trading Standards! We really liked the cassette. The printer not only operates in two modes, but it's smart enough to figure out which one is appropriate. Once in a while, you'll want to clean paper dust off the feed transport rollers inside the printer, but that's it.