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Moreover, fine adjustment to correct such deviation can be performed using the driver software if the deviation causes are overlapped or missing data. Adjust the color using the color-correction function in the driver software provided.

Specify the program folder name. The electrical socket is not supplying a supply voltage. Areas that have been selected shown in blue can be deselected by clicking the left mouse button again. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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Calculators and Digital Measuring Tools. Streaks occur when calibration is not performed correctly due to contamination by dust or dirt. If you detect a surface flaw or a missing accessory, please promptly contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. Insert the end of the wire so that it fits into the hidden slot on the lower level.

Engineering Bond Engineering Film. Make sure that your scanner is properly grounded. Paper sensors These sense whether a document is present in the scanner. If the document becomes jammed.

If the unit is not attached correctly, the document may not be fed correctly. Your scanner comes shipped from the factory after being adjusted for high precision. It is an open system in which businesses can participate voluntarily.

Check that there are no vertical streaks, such as white patches, in the scanned data. Select a user-defined document size or standard size if the same problem occurs after a number of retries. The adjustment function must be set up when a scanned drawing needs to approximate the accuracy of the original drawing closely.

Turn off the scanner, wait for a short time, and then turn it on again. Notes on the power-saving mode The scanner switches to power-saving mode when the standby status continues for a fixed amount of time. Cause Remedy An abnormality has occurred in the network environment.

The symbol indicates imperative action that must be performed. Do not use a commercial cleaner for office equipment, a glass cleaner, or chemical solvents such as solutions containing alcohol. Creased or curled documents should be scanned by placing them inside the carrier sheet provided. Please do not connect with an Ethernet connector other than an Ethernet cable. Never damage or use when damaged Pulling prohibited Turn off the Power switch Before cleaning the scanner, be sure to unplug its power cord from the electrical socket.

Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection. Such prohibited action is described by an illustration or text within or next to the symbol. Holding the scanner by the rear part of the top cover may cause damage to the scanner or injury to the persons doing the installation.

Assemble the stand before mounting the scanner unit. Accidentally switching off the scanner may result in damage that requires servicing. Casters Release the lock on the casters to allow the unit to be moved. Their standards and logos are uniform among participating nations. If there is no discrepancy, color correction is complete.

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In addition, Graphtec is the first company to introduce Contact Array Sensor technology for accurate, argus bean sprout drivers high-resolution scanning. Is the Graphtec Network Utility connected? Launch the utility from the Graphtec Network Utility created in the Program folder.

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The document to be scanned may be too thick or heavy. The following dialog box will appear. Check that the calibration sheet is free of any dust or dirt. Adjust this gap if there is gap between the target edge and the scanning start point.

Handle the color correction sheet with care so that it is does not get soiled, bent or scratched. The precision figures above were measured under the operating conditions described below. Select Specified Part in Calibration.

Select a user-defined document size or a standard size. Disconnect one of the cables. The thickness of the loaded document is not the same as that of the document on which thickness detection was performed.

The values entered here must be within the range of the distance correction. The calibration adjustment will take some time.

Graphtec Cs500 11en Driver Details

Do not place any receptacle containing water or other fluid on top of the scanner. It is not normally necessary to perform this adjustment. Prohibited Do not install the scanner on an unstable surface. Feeds the document towards you. Click Yes to continue the installation.

Graphtec CS prices supplies and lease information

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Click Continue Anyway to continue the installation. If you use the carrier sheet when scanning color documents, the colors may shift slightly in some cases. Please clean the document hold-down unit and transparent contact plates in such cases. If a thin document will be scanned, use the thin calibration sheet and select the thin document setting at the scanner.