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For Internet Fax, this refers to the recipient's e-mail address. This feature enables the recipient to confirm when and from whom the fax was sent. The screen display does not change. Use this feature when a document is a non-standard size, or when you want to scan a document at a size different from the original size. The feature buttons appear.

Document glass Load a document here. Store for Secure Polling Stores a file in a private folder on the machine. Page E-mail Text Compression Allows you to select whether to compress the text areas of the document when using the Searchable Text feature.

Using the Receiver Pick up the telephone receiver. Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns. Changing Scan Settings You can change scan settings while scanning the document.

You can check whether a job has been completed successfully. The product emits smoke or its surface is unusually hot.

Changing the Number of Copies To change the number of copy sets during scanning or copying, use the following procedure. Page numbers are add onto copies. Print Prints the Charge Print job.

The machine automatically sets the copy ratio and makes copies of the images so that they fit on the selected paper. Selecting a job allows you to see its details. Usage Counters Displays the total number of pages used for each feature and cumulative numbers.

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These modular and easy-to-manage devices are packed with high-end features to deliver a level of productivity above and beyond your typical office multifunction devices. Both Pages Copies both pages in page order. As the feature enables you to select and print only necessary jobs, you can avoid printing unnecessary jobs. Remote Terminal A terminal with which you want to communicate.

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Enables the Remote Folder feature. Some of the items in the screen shots may not be displayed or available depending on your machine configuration. One of the following occurs. Enter the starting number of the control number. This feature can be used with the receiver either off-hook or on-hook.

One type of job flow sheet targets files stored in folders, and the other type targets scan files. Image Layout Evenly Spaced The specified number of images are evenly arranged on the paper.

Select this option when all documents are of the same size. The following shows the reference section for each procedure.

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In the event of a current leakage, the ground fault interrupter will automatically cut off the power circuit to prevent any leakage or fire from occurring. Load the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass.

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The following describes how to print or delete a job stored in a public folder. For more information, contact our Customer Support Center.


This mode is convenient for confirming the sender or using an external telephone to confirm whether it is a fax before beginning reception. Select a file to send by e-mail or to print. Page Output Format Original Orientation Allows you to specify the orientation of the document so that the machine can identify the top of the document. The stanby screen is displayed on the touch screen.

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You can select a page-number position from six options. Enables the Secure Polling feature.

Disables the Remote Folder feature. To open the file, the password is required. Left Page then Right Scans the left page and then the right page of facing pages. When scanning documents of different sizes, the machine automatically detects the size of each document.

The procedures in this guide may vary depending on the driver and utility software being used due to the upgrades. By setting the binding style, epox 8krai-x audio driver both sides are scanned in the same orientation. The following shows the reference section for each operation.