Boca Systems Ghostwriter Series Thermal Printer Driver

Please note the manner in which the printer formats the ticket in the various scenarios shown below. Custom Size - This option is only available in some versions of Word. Please read the important safety information section before installation is conducted. Please note that margins must be adjusted to avoid printing outside of the ticket boundaries.


Printer Driver Installation Guides. Often a short term rental of a Boca printer makes more sense than a purchase. Insert your ticket stock into the paper guide.

Printer Models adjustable vs. You must read the following safety information carefully before working on the printer.

Rubber Drive Roller Head is installed wrong. We do not recommend the use of this method. Refurbished printers are warrantied by The Boca Printer Store. Please note that the only printer status information readily available with these drivers is whether or not the printer is ready to receive data. Tickets should be loaded with the black mark facing down.

Defines the type of printer. Boca systems and follow-up could take several weeks. Controls the speed the ticket travels at. Assists sales force by developing low installation costs and suggesting proper and varied applications of systems Computer and systems literate.


Ghostwriter Series Thermal Ticket Printer. We do it simply because Boca makes the best thermal tickets. The load switch should be positioned such that the printer automatically activates the stepper motor at the proper time when tickets are loaded into the printer. While we do not recommend installing the printer drivers if you intend to communicate bi-directionally, we have developed some ways of communicating bi-directionally while using drivers. Please note that none of the upcoming instructions apply to the Generic Text Driver.

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Please note that additional sizes and stub locations and measurements are available. This switch is used to sense the presence of ticket stock in the printer. We will gladly accommodate your Boca ticket printer rental if we have the right printers available to meet your specific needs. The information provided in our Printer Support pages is intended to help you with the installation, use, and maintenance of your Boca printer. When selecting a new font, Windows will default to the previous font size.

Slide the block to the fully open position. While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data sent to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode.

Boca's unique position of manufacturing both the printers and the tickets allows them to provide you with the most reliable tickets available. We sell genuine Boca generic ticket stock. Boca Systems makes the most cost effective and reliable printers in the market. Boca systems reduced use of materials paper, ink, barrie maskell racing driver foil produces a corresponding reduction in the energy needed to produce the tickets. New Boca ticket printers are dropped shipped directly from Boca Systems and include the Boca new printer warranty.

The short fibers inherent in recycled paper create a bumpy printing surface. Wait five seconds before feeding ticket stock into the printer after power up. They have models that fit virtually every need.

The Boca Printer Store purchases used printers from various sources. Our unique position of manufacturing both the printers boca systems the tickets allows us to provide you with the most reliable tickets in the market.

Mini plus Submini Xmini Vm Dual mini. Please follow all directions carefully for your personal safety. The opto closer to where you load the stock is the ticket load opto.

Custom made plastic cover that that fits a Boca printer. Non-working printers are occasionally purchased for parts. We will gladly provide you with a quote for ticket options that we do not currently stock.

Should not Photo D be sitting on top of the cutter. In order to properly format the data, the user must correctly establish the page size and margins. These drivers will not return status on any interface.

This command only needs to be sent once as it is permanently stored in the printer's memory. Before making any opto adjustments make sure your ticket stock was manufactured to proper ticket specifications.

Removal or adjustment of the opto should be done without removing the bracket from the paper guide. However, the following description will explain the use and limitations of this feature. What you see is what boca systems get. Review the programming guide for additional details.

General A printer driver translates the graphical information displayed in your Windows application into a printer friendly format. This is the preferred method whenever a vendor defined size is not available. The switch is factory set and adjustment should not be necessary.

If you see the printer name in the Printers folder, Right click to delete it. To contact Boca Systems, Inc.

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