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Refurbished Compaq Presario 5000US Specs

Manufacturer Warranty Type. Double-click the Recycle Recycle Bin, but still take icon on the Windows up space on the computer desktop. The Start menu is displayed. All added personal files, software, and other Factory Restore returns data will be lost. To restart your computer, press the Reset button again.

Modem is not set up Reconnect the modem, verifying the following properly. Double-click the My Computer icon on the This procedure shows you Windows desktop.

Inspect constructions, repair them immediately if necessary and check afterwards whether the problem is solved. Mainboard Processor Socket. The Problem column identifies other solutions for the one or more reasons why the symptom has occurred. It contains all the circuits that define the major parts of the computer. Click the Volume icon on the Windows Sound is distorted.

Do not attempt to install a printer cartridge by moving the printer carriage manually. Do not move files that are part of a program. Backup your files before you continue. Additional terms and conditions apply. Game was not set up Reinstall the program, noting any settings and properly when default selections that pertain to your computer, installed.


The reprogram it to a different Control Panel window is program, document, or Web displayed. From the Windows desktop, click the Start button. Select the diskette A drive. Restrictions may apply for the use of these files.

Also, be sure that you instructions are not have enough disk space available. Files that are deletes the files and frees emptied from the Recycle Bin up disk space. File Management, Some of the topics discussed in this chapter include file management such as copying, moving, renaming, deleting, and Shortcuts for the restoring files. You phone lines is the flexibility can print, access files, or play games over your home network it gives you. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational, Governing the and safety requirements.

Click the McAfee your hard drive. Press the Help button on the keyboard. Install the optional drive inside the bracket and replace the computer. The folders by entering a Start menu is displayed.

Install, postpone, or delete the download by clicking the appropriate button. Press the Help button on the keyboard to access Compaq the devices that came with Support tools.

Minimum hardware or Review the game documentation or packaging software requirements for minimum requirements. Not to mention sometimes impossible due to all the proprietory crap they use in them. TabrisDarkPeace Distinguished. Opening An E-mail Attachment Opening an E-mail Attachment You may receive e-mails To open an e-mail attachment, open the e-mail message and with attached files. The components on the front of the and Series computers are similar.

The Compaq Application and Driver Recovery software allows you to restore a piece of software application or a driver originally installed with the computer. Instant e-Mail - One-touch access for sending and receiving e-mail My Presario - Instant connection to Compaq for product information, helpful hints, performance updates and much more. As an alternative to viewing the approval information on your product, compaq wf1907 driver country approval information may also be found on the Compaq Web site.

Select Network Printer, and then click Next. Shorter construction times are demanded. The drive letters are are identified with icons found beneath the corresponding icons. Please make sure your access number is local. Enter a name for the computer.

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Internet access does not include local telephone company charges, if any, or applicable taxes. Click the Volume slider bar and drag it down.

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From the Selective QuickRestore Restore menu, you can choose from several drivers or Continued applications. From the Windows taskbar, click the Start button, click Programs, point to your printer model, and then click Uninstall Drivers. All hardware and software specifications subject to change without notice. The Add Printer window is displayed.

From the File menu, select Page Setup. Optical Storage Media Load Type. The Utility In this section you will Toolbox is displayed. Patent and Trademark Office.