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40 GHz Phase and Intensity Modulators

Could you give me some more information regarding this frequency shifting operation? This modulator is part of a family of high-performance, Telcordia-compliant, external optical modulators with industry-leading long-term stability.

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In the Data datasheet does not say anything about the bias voltage minimum, maximum. Hello Mike, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Please contact Tech Support for assistance and details.

The outputs of each intensity modulator's legs are re-combined then sent through a low speed phase modulator. Would you be so kind as to answer it? We can offer these connectorized according to your needs. If you wish to control the intensity and phase independently using our parts, you will have to cascade two different intensity and phase modulators.

40 GHz or 40 Gb/s Lithium Niobate Modulators

Do you mean optical losses? For longer distances, advanced modulation formats are required. Additional Electro-Optic Modulators. Fiber Optic Mating Sleeves. This may require fairly complex drive and bias control depending on the desired output.

Modulator Drivers

Please contact Tech Support for customization of these products. Modulators Modulators convert electrical data into optical bit stream. Using the modulator at another wavelength may cause a temporary increase in loss that is not covered under warranty. Torque Wrenches for Coaxial Cables.

Drivers It is important to match the performance of the modulator and driver for optimum performance. In the near future, demodulators and balanced receivers will be integrated into the same package. This is not phase and intensity modulator, but phase or intensity modulator. Drivers for current generation systems typically operate in a limiting mode while next generation high speed systems using higher order modulation schemes use linear drivers. In the near term, expect to see lower voltage drive requirements, intel r core tm 2 duo cpu e7500 audio driver which will lead to lower power consumption for drivers.

Drive voltage is optimized based upon modulator size, bandwidth, insertion loss, and material properties. Kind regards, Arjan Meskers. Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs.

Are you looking to control the phase and intensity independently or simultaneously? Because the information is contained by the difference of the two optical bits, balanced receivers are used after the. Optical Transmitters with Phase Modulators.

Optical Insertion Loss Connectorized I. Please note that polarization-maintaining fiber and a full range of connectorization options are available for all Lithium Niobate Modulators. In that sense they can be considered as frequency shifters as energy is transferred from the optical carrier into the modulation sidebands.

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40 GHz or 40 Gb/s Lithium Niobate Modulators

Thank you for participating in our feedback forum. About the Author As one of Inphi's founders, Dr. Some of the key enabling technologies are discussed below. How does this exactly work?

The phase modulator serves the purpose of applying a phase delay between the legs. Please Give Us Your Feedback. Modulator Bias Controller. Impedance mismatch between the modulator and driver results in excessive jitter due to multiple reflections. Please let me know in what range are the data voltage.

Modulator Drivers

Optical Extinction Ratio Typical. Could you please provide this value? Single, dual and quad channel models are also available. Whom it may concern, Sir, I am a regular purchaser of your products.

Inphi and Sierra Monolithics Demonstrate InteroperabilityInphi and Sierra Monolithics Demonstrate Interoperability

Prefer to Request a Quote? Liquid Crystal Noise Eaters. Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers.

Thank you and best regards Stefano Minardi. Using the modulator at other wavelengths may cause an increase in the optical loss that is not covered under warranty. Using a modulator at another wavelength e. Unfortunately, we have not performed testing outside of the specified operating wavelength range.

Inphi and Sierra Monolithics Demonstrate Interoperability